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Deborah Daniel began her 25-year career as an entrepreneur soon after completing her MBA. During that time, she has purchased and scaled four smaller accounting firms into Charter Accounting, an Atlanta, Georgia firm that has a client base consisting of over 1,000 ongoing clients. Deborah and her husband, Edward, have worked together and with partners to own and sell several companies for total values in
excess of $10 million dollars. In addition, Deborah’s extensive knowledge and ownership in real estate investments give her the hands-on experience needed to mentor clients in the areas of tax planning, investment planning, financial planning, and wealth creation habits and strategies.

Deborah leads the Atlanta Chapter of eWomenNetwork, Inc. which is widely recognized as the Premier Women’s Business Network in North America. In her leadership role, she has developed networking strategies that have grown not only her business but the businesses of her members as well.

By helping clients figure out what numbers really matter in their business and showing them how to measure and evaluate key indicators Deborah helps her client achieve levels of success they previously did not think were possible.

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