Deborah Daniel, CPA – Business, Accounting, and Money Mindset Speaker

Are you looking for a financial expert to speak at your next event? Deborah Daniel is the CPA with a personality! She leverages her 25 years of experience in the financial industry to provide audiences with the tips, steps, and strategies for growing businesses and accumulating wealth.

About Deborah

Life is not about money, but business definitely is and without a doubt having a handle on your money makes all of the other parts of life easier and more enjoyable.”

Deborah Daniel, CPA, is on a mission to guide entrepreneurs and individuals to change their money mindset and build their money muscles so they can have the life that they only think is beyond their highest expectations.

Deborah has owned and operated her accounting business, Charter Accounting, for over 25 years – helping over a thousand clients each year save money on their taxes and make giant strides in building their personal and business wealth.

It is easy to talk about the topic of money. The topic is all over the internet but do you know someone that can actually hold your hand through the process of improving your money situation? This is exactly what Deborah does on a daily basis!

Through the lens of money and business, Deborah teaches others how small, consistent steps toward your goals will bring huge success in all areas of life.

Deborah is a firm believer that we really can have it all, just maybe not always at the same time! When Deborah comes to speak at your next event, she will show you to how you can significantly change your financial future.

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