Life really is all about balance, and the Four Pillars of Success can help bring you that balance. Think of them as the foundation upon which you will build your success. If each is not properly maintained, you will not have a firm foundation to support what you want to do and where you want to go. But when you have balance in each of the four pillars of success you can achieve more and enjoy your achievements.

Super success in any one of these areas alone, or even more than one but not all will leave you unbalanced. And without that balance, your success will not be as valuable. The funny thing is that success in all the pillars is attainable through many of the same habits, attitudes and mindset.


Very few people are lucky enough to win a lottery. Most of us have to earn our way to financial freedom. But earning is more than trading hours for dollars, it includes being a good steward of the dollars once we get them. There are two ways to increase the amount of money you have and ultimately your wealth, make more money or spend less! Spending less helps but true wealth can’t be attained by cutting expenses forever. Some experts want you to keep your lights turned off and eat sandwiches at home all the time but real wealth involves increasing your cash flow by creating more income and knowing the ways to keep as much as you can by knowing the rules of money.


Just like with our money, most of us know what we need to do to be healthy. We should stay active, eat the right things (and not too much), don’t add extra stress to our bodies and minds that causes damage to our health. If it is so easy why don’t we all do the right things we need to do? Our relationship with our health is as convoluted as our money story and it also has no quick fix. This is where the consistency and persistency principle also come to play. Small steps, consistently executed is the road to success!


Think of your best friend or your spouse, these deep lasting relationships were formed over many experiences together and over time! These relationships also influence the other aspect of your life. Think of how being on the same page with your spouse when it comes to money can make things much easier. Well this applies to your business as well. Profitable business relationships take time. You won’t get referrals from someone you just shoved a business card at while networking! The know like and trust factor is built on an investment of time and nurturing of the relationship.


Time is an asset just like our treasure(money).  Of all the pillars of success, time may be the most squandered.  I am not saying that every second of every day must be scheduled and producing.  While earnings, knowledge, or increasing our well-being are all important we also need downtime.  Wisely investing time can benefit all the success pillars.  Giving more structure to your daily schedule like time blocking can easily result in more money because you get more done.  Scheduling daily time for exercise or meditation can increase health while quality relationship time can deepen bonds.  When you think of how you use your time like writing a check from your account the use of that time becomes more important.